Social media becomes sensational nowadays. Its core features of communicating, connecting, and sharing information helps social media influence spread like wild fire throughout the world. In addition to this, brilliant minds also use this channel of communication to be an enlightenment and and become an inspiration to others for able them to reach their success.



1. MarketingProfs



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Based in Dover, Delaware and a community of 600,000 marketers, MarketingProfs provides up to date guides about marketing with a main focus on Social Media, Email Marketing, and Marketing Strategy. Check out their website for a cool infographic about their company!


2. Copyblogger



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You’ve probably heard that content marketing is one of the effective tools in marketing today. And, Copyblogger is probably the master of content marketing. can give some insights, tips and inspirations on how to get it done while maintaining a good balance of marketing and readability (it’s not that easy sometimes!).


3. Neil Patel



Image credit: Neil Patel via SlideShare


Probably known as the “marketing wizard”, Neil Patel shares his expertise on absolutely everything related to marketing and how to utilize all marketing platforms in its fullest potential. Do sign up as well to his newsletter and do watch his very informative webinars, it’s all for free!


1. Abduzeedo


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Abduzeedo is all about design. Their page is brimming with design inspiration and tutorials for Photoshop and Illustrator. The best thing about this page is it is a community so you can definitely see how different designers work on every country.


2. Creative Bloq


Image credit: Creative Bloq’s FB page


Aside from tips about graphic and web design, Creative bloq offers tips and inspiration for 3D projects. They have also carefully filtered design trends and recommend the best one in the market, with an added insightful tip of course!

3. Killer Infographics



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Infographic is a solid and fun method to present information and a savior to those who are too lazy to read. If you are looking for inspiration about infographic (or just plainly obsessed about it) and other visual campaigns, then this is the page for you.


1. The Muse



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In need of a career advice? Or, would like to know how you can be better at work? Whatever it might be, themuse has you covered! From essential office hacks up to replying to dreaded emails, the page has every advice thinkable in every work situation.

2. Alison Courses



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For those who are always on the lookout for online courses, this is the page for you! Alison courses offer short and diploma courses in various subjects such as Business and Enterprise Skills, Languages and Digital Literacy and IT skills, just to name a few. Short courses usually have a duration of 15 hours, and for free.

3. Xandria Ooi



Image credit: Xandria Ooi’s FB page

A dash of positivity can come a long way especially when you are having the worst day. When that happens, check out Xandria Ooi, a Melbourne-based TV personality, and blogger. Ever wonder what is the best way to deal with someone who doesn’t like you? Check out her vlog!
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