Getting high volumes of traffic is only half the battle when it comes to growing your business through your website; the other half is converting this traffic into qualified leads that will eventually turn into actual sales.

Leads are the lifeblood of any business’ sales process and are crucial to the profitability of a company. With this, it is extremely important to implement an effective lead generation strategy that will generate large quantities of high-quality leads.

If you’re not getting your desired lead flow after months of executing your campaigns, you might need to re-evaluate your approach and explore other means of increasing your leads. Below are some of the most effective ways:

Establish Strong Branding



Clients love doing business with credible companies. To accomplish a certain degree of trustworthiness, it is important to make sure that your business has strong branding. Your target market will see your company as authentic if you convey a clear and consistent message in all your marketing efforts. Let them know that you are an expert in the industry, and make them understand what sets you apart from your rivals. Once you successfully accomplish this, your conversion rates will definitely go up.

Develop Compelling Content



Aside from establishing strong branding, you can also develop valuable and compelling content to become more trustworthy and attract more leads. By positioning your company as a niche authority which actually knows the ins and outs of the industry, your prospects will become more confident in working with you.

Some examples of content include engaging and useful videos, infographics, and blogs. You can generate leads from videos by placing landing page links directly into the video or in the description when you upload it on YouTube or other video sites.

As for infographics, it is recommended to include your logo and URL so people will know that the awesome infographic is from your company and they can easily visit your business website. Be as informative and creative as you can; or better yet, hire a professional graphic designer to do this for you.

Meanwhile, to obtain leads from your blog, include a section where visitors can subscribe to free newsletters just by providing their name, email address, and phone number. How do you get people to sign up for this? Simple. Make sure that your posts in the blog are interesting, well-written, and valuable. Otherwise, visitors won’t bother to register.

Speaking of free, you can also provide other types of exclusive content for free such as eBooks and white papers. Take advantage of the fact that everybody loves freebies, and offer relevant educational content free of charge to organically attract your target market. Make sure that you have an engaging and informative landing page that requires people to provide their name and contact details to be able to download the free materials.

White papers and eBooks are ideal if your business is a highly technical industry. When developing these types of content, it is important to stay objective and provide valuable insights rather than promote your products or services. Remember that your prospects downloaded your content to be educated, and not to be “sales talked”. If you manage to provide great content, your potential customer will trust your company more and will tend to be receptive to your offerings.

Use Social Media



Using social media sites is probably the most cost-effective way of generating more leads. Make sure that your business has official accounts and pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, as well as Google+, and stay active to broaden your reach.

Aside from connecting with potential clients and engaging them with your posts, you should also participate in groups to direct members to your blog or official website and promote your offerings. Take note of the users who interact with you by commenting, sharing, or liking your posts, as these may be potential leads.

To find leads, you can also use the built-in search feature on social networking sites, and filter the results by setting a geographical location, education, work, age range, or whatever qualifiers are available. Obviously, you need to set these filters based on the demographics of your target market.

If you’re willing to shed a few bucks, you can also use paid ads in these social media platforms. The good thing about this is that you can set a budget and select the demographics of who you want to see the ads.

Use Google AdWords for PPC Marketing



Regardless of the size of your business, Google AdWords proves to be a useful tool in generating more leads. If you have a new business or are interested in enticing new customers to avail your offerings, you may want to try out Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing through AdWords. As the name suggests, PPC only charges you when a user clicks on your advertisement and visits your specified landing page or website.

By registering for a free Google AdWords account, you can adjust your budget, select your target regions (it doesn’t matter if you want to advertise globally or locally), and choose the keywords or key phrases that you want to utilize.

Host Free Webinars


Yet another effective means of getting your message across millions of prospects is by hosting free webinars. By doing a simple internet search, you can easily find applications that will allow you to broadcast live webinars for free.

A lot of people prefer watching videos instead of reading a text. Hence, if you can give them valuable information or training in video form, many will grab the opportunity especially if it is free of charge and they only need to input their name and contact details. If you make this a regular event, you will gain more followers and eventually more leads.

Aside from that, you can also take advantage of your webinars to promote your website, downloadable white papers, eBooks, or other content, and encourage them to subscribe to your newsletter. By doing so, you’re pushing them another step closer in the buying process.

Furthermore, it is recommended to record your webinars so people who failed to attend can still access them. Also, in this way, you can use these webinars in the future and still gain leads from them.

Final Thoughts

There are billions of potential clients out there in the market ready to make a purchase decision. It is just a matter of who reaches out to these prospects first, and successfully convinces them that their offerings are better than those of the competitors.

The methods shared in this article are just some of the proven and tested ways on how to grow sales leads effectively. However, if you find these too tricky or time-consuming, you may want to consider availing the services of Infinit3solutions.

From establishing your online presence to digital marketing, our team can assist you with virtually anything that is required to generate win-ready leads. Take action and turbocharge your business by reaching out to Infinit3solutions today!

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